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The new Arctic Snow Plow is a steel back blade.  Made in the coldest region for Arctic weather.

This model is called the plow partner from Arctic Snow Plows. We here at Monroe Truck & Auto Accessories install this beast of a back blade.  It is ready when you need to get that snow out of your driveway! 

This plow uses the Trailer hitch mount installed on your pickup truck!   Will only fit a 2"x2" square trailer hitch.  It allows easy attachment and removal, and is height adjustable to match up with the hitches on different vehicles.

The PP90-S is a 90" long back blade and 20" tall height mold board. The hydraulics are self contained.

The arctic steel plow partner back blade provides timeless performance and durability.  Artic snow plow makes the plow partner constructed of 12 gauge hot rolled steel and is reinforced with integrated vertical ribs to form a single, termendously strong structural unit.  The box configuration with end wings captures the snow and holds it until you want to let it go.  All of Arctic's steel blades are deipped in galvanizing zinc coating for superior rust protection.  Legendary strength and time-proven results, contact your Monroe Truck and Auto your Arctic Dealer for full details.


Vehicles intended to be equipped with Arctic equipment must comply with the vehicle manufacturere specification for equipment application.  Please consult your vehicle dealer before purchase and installation.  The purchaser assumes all vehicles risk associated with the attachment and operation of Arctic Snow Plow Equipment.


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