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Draw-Tite is your one-stop source for electric brake controllers. Draw-Tite manufactures several electric brake controllers, one or more of which are designed to meet your unique requirements for operational control, weight class, hauling vehicle capabilities, or other factors. Draw-Tite electric trailer brake controllers are electronic devices that supply power from the tow vehicle to the trailer's electric brakes. Many styles of electric brake controllers are available that differ in how they look, and the number of brakes they can power, but all of them can be assigned to one of two main groups,Proportional Brake Controllers, or Time Delayed Brake Controllers.
Timed Brake Controllers
Draw-Tite Timed Brake Controllers are great choices for your basic, economical, and light-duty towing needs. These time-actuated controls have solid state electronics and can be mounted in any position - horizontal, vertical, even turned upside down. With a Timed (sometimes referred to as Time Delayed (or solid state)) brake controller, when you step on the vehicle brakes, a predetermined amount of braking power is sent to the trailer and then there is a delay as the unit ramps up to full braking power. A couple of major benefits of timed brake controllers are quick and easy installation, and its ability to easily integrate with the late-model OEM wiring harness under your vehicle’s dash.
1 to 4 axle trailers
Digital output indicator
Soft touch thumb wheels
"Up- front" manual over-ride control
Overload indicator
"Plug-N-Play" port
Front display allows viewing at almost any angle
Mounts in any position
Mounting hardware included
Smooth and simple installation
Lifetime limited warranty
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