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Brake Controllers - Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller Proportional


The newest version of the Prodigy, this electric brake controller signals your trailer brakes to stop with the same speed and strength as your vehicle's brakes - even in reverse. It levels automatically and offers a variety of mounting options.
Applies power to the trailer's brakes in proportion to vehicle's braking action
Brakes immediately instead of pausing like time-delayed brake controls
Works when you're in reverse gear so that you can back into tricky parking spots
Levels automatically
Self-adjusts to varying terrain
Eases installation and allows for more mounting options
Offers "boost" feature that adds more initial braking power when you're towing heavier trailers
Features a continuous diagnostic check
Monitors proper connection and magnet condition so that you can find problems before you hit the road
Furnishes protection for battery and brake-control functions
Reverse battery protection defends your brake controller and trailer breakaway systems from shorts
Power-saving mode reduces drain on the battery when vehicle is not in use - draws only 3.6 milliamps
Shows voltage delivery to trailer brakes on a blue digital LED display
Has a built-in, rotary manual override lever
Detaches for easy portability - brake controller unplugs from hard-wired pigtail wiring harness
Can reduce installation time with a plug-in, make-and-model specific, brake-control adapter (sold separately)
Application: up to 4-axle trailer brake systems (8 brake assemblies total)
Works with electric brakes and electric-over-hydraulic systems
Dimensions: 3-1/8" wide x 5-1/8" long x 2" tall
Boost power increase: 0 percent, 13 percent and 25 percent
Mounting: 360-degree vertical range
Wiring harness length: about 34"
Limited lifetime warranty
The Prodigy P2 electric brake controller supplies power to your tow vehicle's brakes proportionally. This means that your trailer brakes at the same time and with the same strength as your vehicle - even in reverse gear. So if you have to slam on your truck's brakes, the trailer's brakes respond instantly, too - there's no delay. Thus your vehicle's brakes aren't overworked from trying to stop the entire load, and they suffer less wear and tear. The P2 also cuts power to the trailer's brakes when your vehicle is stopped - extending the life of the magnets and brake shoes in the trailer's brake assemblies.
Aside from smoother, more efficient braking that results from proportional application of stopping power, the Prodigy P2 also has a boost feature that gives you more initial braking power for those times when you're towing heavier loads. That's when more braking power is needed to stop the trailer at the same time as the tow vehicle. The boost setting sends 13 or 25 percent more power (depending on which setting you choose) back to the trailer brakes, thus compensating for heavier loads. You can boost the power manually at the push of a button as well. The boost feature gets more power to the trailer brakes exactly when you need it most, and your fully loaded rig brakes smoothly and comfortably.
This brake controller levels automatically as you drive, so there's no problem using it on steep hills or when towing through the mountains. The self-leveling feature also makes the Prodigy easy to install: Simply mount it in your cab at any vertical angle (it has 360-degree rotation). It's easy to see the display and to access the pivoting manual override lever on the bottom of the unit.
The P2's continuous diagnostic check monitors your connection and magnet condition, so you can fix any problems before they land you on the side of the road. This newest version of Tekonsha's popular Prodigy brake controller has reverse battery protection to preserve the unit and accessory systems. And the power-save mode reduces battery drain when the controller isn't in use.
The included mounting pocket and pigtail wiring harness make your brake controller portable. Your unit slides out of the pocket mount for easy transfer of the brake controller to another vehicle. And one end of the pigtail harness hard-wires directly into your vehicle, while the other plugs into your P2. Just unplug the unit to move it to another car, truck or SUV for storage.
For even simpler brake controller installation, a make-and-model specific wiring adapter can be available (sold separately) for certain cars, trucks, and SUVs (see fitguide). One end of the custom brake-control adapter plugs into a pre-wired port under the dash, and the other end plugs into your controller - no hard-wiring required. An instructional DVD that is included with the brake controller's written instructions allows you to take full advantage of all the features.
How the Prodigy P2 Is Different from the Original Prodigy
More mounting options - 360-degree vertical rotation
Better protection - reverse battery protection for vehicle and trailer breakaway systems
Versatility - works with electric-over-hydraulic trailer brake systems
Blue LED digital display
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