How to Measure Trailer Springs

Trailer Springs
Trailer Springs - Double-eye and slipper leaf springs for all types of trailers.
If your trailer has springs, we stock or can special order them. Including springs for boat, camping, cargo, construction, dump, enclosed, farm, horse, roll-off, snowmobile, utility trailers and more.
The factories that purchases springs from are substantial suppliers to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and are fully conversant with ISO 9000 standards. Advanced manufacturing technology and sophisticated control processes ensure high quality steel trailer leaf springs.
How to identify and measure.

trailer spring measure guide.
Measure Free Length (C)
How many steel leaves?
Capacity of axle?
Measure Arc (A) & (B)
Measure free open (H)
Measure width of spring.
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Your trailer should be unloaded when measuring. When determining length (C), measure from the center of one spring eye to the center of the other spring eye for double eye springs. For slipper springs, measure from center of the eye to the end of the spring or hook (see diagrams on ordering page by clicking on images below ).
The majority of springs use and are shipped with 9/16" bushings. Please place a comment on your order during checkout if you would like 1/2" bushings. All springs are sold individually, but it is highly recommended to change them in pairs. Changing only one spring may cause your trailer to lean to one side due to the spring fatigue of the unchanged spring(s). Measurements will vary depending on the age and fatigue of your spring. The capacity rating is per spring. If you have a 6000 lb. rated trailer axle with two springs, use two 3000 lb. rated springs. We also stock springs for pickups, vans, suvs, and class 6, 7, 8 trucks and trailers. Please contact us for quotes on springs not listed below. Thank you for browsing our trailer spring selection!