Snow Dogg Plow

Sometime Snow Dog Plow is refered to as Snow Dogg Plow. These snow plows are the Dogg of Plowing Snow. Snow Dogg Plows are made of Stainless Steel, and have a nice look to them.

Below is an independent study and Ranking of Snow Plows (BEST to WORSE) 1 being best.
  The Boss Snow Plow (The Very Best, Hardly Breaks Down Very Low Maintenance)
Snow Dogg Plow (aka Snow Dog Plow Stainless Steel, Not going to rust)
Daniels Plows
Western Plows
Meyer Plows
Fisher Plows
Curtis Plows
Snow Way plows (Requires Down Pressure)
Blizzard Plows (high Maintenance)
Homemade Snow Plows