Why Do my Topper Locks Freeze or Sieze

Why Do my Topper Locks Freeze or Sieze up.
What kind of oil is best recommended for topper locks? 3in1 oil. We highly recommend a 3-in-1 type oil such as the 3-in-1 branded oil, Marvel, or Tri-Flow oil. Those types of oil will keep the lock free flowing and lubricated so you can lock and unlock your cover on a reuglar basis. Isn't WD-40 a good 3-in-1 oil to use? NO, NO, NO. Please dont put WD-40 in your locks. Especially outside locks. I tried that in my shed last year just to prove that it would not sieze it up. However I had to take the door to the hinges off to get my snowblower out of there in the middle of the winter. I asked several people in the hardware industry about WD-40. Its a good oil to help free things up occasionally but they told me that it was a FISH OIL. Hence the name which means its a water based type oil and can freeze your locks in the winter time. Where Can I find this 3 in 1 type oil. Check out our online store. store.monroetruckaccessories.com. or click here: http://store.monroetruckaccessories.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=877