All About Weight Distribution Systems

All About Weight Distribution Systems
(Written by: Sue Monroe)
Weight Distributing - The main purpose of a weight distributing hitch is to distribute the weight of the trailer on to all the axles of the tow vehicle and the trailer. The weight distribution kit is an add-on system that is added to a Class III or higher rated trailer hitch. This will make your trailer ride more level and reduces stress to the trailer hitch and the rear of the tow vehicle, and give you more overall control, better steering and braking and less stress on the towing vehicle.

The weight distributing kit is generally made up of heavy duty steel bars attached to the trailer and the leverage shifts the weight to the front of the tow vehicle and to the back of the trailer, leveling it out. In most cases, a weight distributing kit increases the towing capacity of a Class III hitch. However, never exceed the to rating of the hitch or tow vehicle.

How to select a weight distributing kit. You must first know the GTW (gross trailer weight) and the tongue weight of the trailer. The weight distributing kit should come close to the gross Trailer weight without going over. There are different rating of weight distributing hitches and the tongue weight is 10% of the GTW (gross trailer weight). Many companies offer round bar kits and trunnion bar kits. Also, it is advisable to only use a weight distributing kit that has an adjustable shank so you are able to adjust the head to the proper height. It is advisable to measure properly to be sure whether a shank with a greater drop may be necessary for you.

There are different components that you will find in a weight distributing kit. The components consist of a shank, head, spring bars and hook-up brackets. The shank is a receiver that attaches the weight distribution kit to the vehicle. The head is the connector that the spring bars hook to the shank. The spring bars attaches to the head and suspends the chains from the hook-up brackets. The hook-up brackets are the brackets that are attached to the trailer, and the chains connect the spring bars to the trailer.