How is Monroe Truck and Auto Accessories Green

How is Monroe Truck & Auto Accessories Green?

What do we do thats so energy efficient? Back in 1999 we built a new building. Much more Energy efficient and insulated than the original one in 1960's. The New building is insulated, has an energy efficient furnace for the showroom. Not only does that reduce the bill for Natural Gas but it in-itself is energy efficient.
All the paper that we dont use after we print on it becomes 1 of 2 things. IF it is clean on oneside then we can print all of our remote start data on the back of the paper. Other paper gets cut into 8 pieces. We put them in a pile and use it for customer product installation orders. Then it has its final use to file 13.
The Brown Recycle bin.
We also try to find other ways to be energy efficeint.