SEE WHY BOSS snow plows are so good

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No one puts snowplows to the test more than the pros. Day in and day out, professional snowplow operators face winter's most rigorous demands--everything from wet, heavy snow to big, demanding jobs to nonstop accumulation. And when it's all said and done, they agree that only THE BOSS delivers the tough, easy-to-use, reliable performance they need day after day. See for yourself what the pros have to say about THE BOSS.

Stephen Taylor-Portland, Maine (Phoenix Management Company)

This year while in the market for an additional truck for a new contract, I found one at a car dealership already outfitted with a BOSS 9'2" Power-V Plow. Not familiar with BOSS plows and hesitant to ignore the advice of my father who said to always go with trip-edge plows in Maine, I called a friend who has had a BOSS plow for five years. He told me he would never go back to our previous local manufacturer after experiencing the quality of his BOSS plow. I was sold. I immediately put the truck in service plowing commercial properties. My staff and I were very pleased with the simplicity of the design without loss of function, excellent cut to the pavement and, of course, the incredible attachment system. It's easily the best I've ever seen. THE BOSS suspension system also lets my truck ride softly, making it easier on me and my truck. And while all of that completely validated my purchase, I was most impressed with what came later that winter.

One night I noticed the lights were out of alignment, so I stopped by my local BOSS dealer, McFarland Spring in Portland, Maine. After adjusting the lights, they looked over the rest of the plow and tweaked a few items simply to maintain my satisfaction as a BOSS customer. I hadn't been treated like that at a plow dealership in a while. Winter came on and we moved about 60 inches of snow with that BOSS 9'2". Late one night a February nor'easter hit Maine, dropping two feet of new, heavy snow. At about 4:30 a.m., my driver came over with the truck to tell me he had blown a line. After looking it over, I saw that the weld on the main hinge had failed, and the plow was completely off the A-frame. So I showed up at McFarland about an hour before opening to drop off the plow. Over 30 years of experience had taught me to get to the front of the line after a big storm. Jim, the owner's son, was just showing up to plow the yard. He saw me pull in, stopped and came right over to see what I needed. After showing him the problem, he opened the shop and had me drop off the plow inside the garage. Remember, this was the first time I bought a BOSS plow, and it came from the car dealer! Jim told me he would get in touch as soon as he ran it by BOSS warranty claims. However, because I'm not familiar with BOSS service, I immediately expected the old runaround.

So on my way home later that morning, I decided to stop by the dealership to make sure they were still focused on my plow and situation. As I pulled into McFarland, Mr. Parsons, the owner, saw my truck and waved me right in through the open bay door. Confused, I put my window down to make sure he knew who I was and what I was there for. He said, "Perfect timing! We've got your plow all ready for you." I was stunned. In four hours, McFarland had disassembled my Power-V, diagnosed the problem, selected the new part from their in-house inventory and put my plow back in service. On top of that, after we attached the plow and the technicians properly adjusted it for the angle of attack, Mr. Parsons said, "Okay, you’re all set. BOSS has approved this repair under warranty." Frankly, I didn't think service like this existed anymore. I found myself calling the owner, the crew, and my buddy who recommended BOSS to tell them all how pleased I was with McFarland Spring and BOSS Plows for their excellent quality, design, service and the integrity to stand behind their product in a commercial application. With over 30 Maine winters and about 3,000 inches of snow under my belt, I wish I'd had a BOSS with me all the way. Let the yellow plows run. I'm proud to be a member of the Red Revolution!


Pete Wernis-Washington, Michigan (United Landscape Inc.)

"The winters in Michigan are tough, and when it snows, I have more than 200 pieces of equipment on the road. I won't waste time with a snowplow that can't handle what Mother Nature or my guys throw its way. Which is why for more than seven years, The BOSS has been the lifeline of my snowlplow fleet. Let's face it--with commercial plowing, the name of the game is making money. And I do just that with my 30 BOSS Power-V Plows. Not only are they superior to any other snowplow I've ever used--their fast, efficient and durable performance means I spend less on maintenance and have more time for additional jobs. Bottom line? When it comes to plows, there's only one name and one company that I trust--THE BOSS."


Bret Hodne-Des Moines, Iowa (President of the American Public Works-Iowa Chapter)

"The evolution of The BOSS Snowplow over the years has been incredible. The plow designs are second to none… I love The BOSS joystick control and SmartHitch 2 Attachment System. When it comes to the complete plow package, nothing else compares to a BOSS."


Gary Hanscom-Machias, Maine (Restaurant Owner and Homeowner)

"The efficiency of a BOSS Power-V Snowplow is great. I can pile snow higher and faster than anything out there. It's the best snowplow I've ever had, and I've had 'em all."


Jon Filer-Paola, Kansas (Shoulder to Shoulder Landscape and Excavation)

"I love the SmartHitch 2 Attachment System and The BOSS handheld control. They make getting a job done faster and easier than anything else out there… and with my BOSS Poly Plow blade, snow doesn't stick, there's no visible wear and tear, and it still looks brand-new!"


Jim Grundstrom-Marquette, Michigan (Owner, Frei Chevrolet)

"When The BOSS came out with HID, I converted my plows over as soon as possible. The beam is much more powerful, making your surroundings significantly brighter. There's no way I'd be anywhere without it. It's a phenomenal piece of equipment. Hey, I just love my BOSS!"


Joseph A Collura-South Fallsburg, New York (Evergreen Landscape Design Inc.)

To BOSS Products:
I am writing to express my gratitude regarding your product and how it has impacted both me and my company. I am a commercial plowing and excavation contractor in upstate New York, approximately two hours north of New York City, in the Catskill Mountains. Prior to owning a BOSS plow (our first unit was purchased in 2002), I had been plowing snow for 16 years using a combination of Fisher, Western and finally Diamond with Meyer pump units. From 1991 to 2000, when our last Diamond plow was purchased, we had four trucks outfitted with the Diamond/Meyer system. The issues we had with the Diamond/Meyer system usually related to faulty hydraulic pumps (E60H) that never seemed to work for more than a couple of storms without needing some kind of tinkering to keep them operating. Needless to say, this was a constant bleed of both parts and labor and still is with the remaining unit we have on one of our trucks.
I am also a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy Reserve and a Seabee. I was recalled to active duty and sent overseas in September 2001 immediately after 9/11. Upon returning home in 2002, I had very little time or money to waste regarding faulty equipment that could not consistently perform. I purchased my first BOSS plow in August 2002 (8'2" Power-V). It was mounted on a Dodge pickup. I plowed with it winter 2002-2003 without a flaw. The truck it was mounted to was totaled in an accident in February 2004 at the end of its second full season. The plow was not on the truck so it was not damaged. We purchased a new subframe unit and transferred the plow and controller to the replacement truck and the following fall I outfitted another new truck, and added my second BOSS plow (8'2" Power-V). Both myself and my employees used these two units until this year when I added the third BOSS unit (9'2" Power-V).
The first two plows, combined have functioned flawlessly since 2002, until this year when we experienced a failure of the rollpins that secure the main horizontal pin in the center of both plows. I purchased new pins from my supplier and after a modification of the end of the pin by welding a shoulder to it, I was back to work. The only negative outcome was the pins dented the plow wings on both plows when they broke free, which in turn damaged the paint finish. This was a relatively minor occurrence over the entire span of owning both of these plows.
During a relatively comparable time frame with the Diamond/Meyer system, I have replaced multiple motors, solenoids, coils, crossover relief valves, pressure relief valves, topcaps and sumpbases (the list goes on). Now mind you, we are not doing anything inherently different with the BOSS units--they just hold up much better mechanically and finish-wise. We wash our plows down after every storm and store them indoors when not in use and throughout the off-season. The only maintenance I have had to perform is a seasonal fluid change and replacement of worn cutting edges and snowcatchers. So to sum it up, I appreciate a well-designed and thought-out product that works without extra mechanical intervention. I also appreciate the fact that you respect your customer base and do not insult them with substandard products at a high price. It is for that reason alone I have become a loyal purchaser and have guided other contractors and personal friends to buy your product (so far I am up to five).
Sincerely yours,
Joseph A. Collura President
Evergreen Landscape Design Inc. P.O. Bos 766 South Fallsburg, NY 12779
Phone: (845) 434-0205


Greg Deiser-South Charleston, Ohio (Emerald Green Lawn Professionals)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at Custom Way Welding for the great equipment you sell and service. At Emerald Green, we serve a large number of commercial accounts and have had great success with our ten BOSS plows over the past seven years. It's my feeling that any plow can perform in 2 or 3 inches of snow, but THE BOSS plows stand up to the biggest snowfalls and continue to work without fail. Even under the toughest circumstances, our BOSS plows are very reliable and have helped our winter grounds care division grow year after year with great customer satisfaction.
Keeping in mind the extreme conditions we put our plows through, we have had very few problems. And when we do need maintenance or service, Custom Way has come through with support and repairs that are second to none.
I would strongly recommend THE BOSS Snowplow and the authorized BOSS dealer at Custom Way Welding to anyone looking for great products and service.
Thank you from all of us at Emerald Green.


Dave Weiman-Oregon, Wisconsin (Storytown Airfield)

If I could describe my BOSS plow in one word, it would be "fantastic!"
I operate a small grass airstrip, and every minute I'm on the ground is another minute I could be flying or visiting clients. So I needed a reliable plow that could clear the snow in the least amount of time-without getting tired before I fly.
My BOSS 8'2" Poly Power-V does just that-and more.
Even though I had never plowed with a pickup before, my BOSS was very easy for me to learn to operate. In fact, my Power-V makes custom work around our airport taxiways and aircraft hangars a breeze. And depending on the amount of accumulation, I can plow my 100' x 2,300' airport runway in an hour and a half.
In addition to the speed and ease of use, plowing an airstrip has its own specific challenges that my BOSS meets. Because our airstrip is grass and not concrete or asphalt, I need to make sure I don't scrape away the sod when I clear the snow. Fortunately, my plow shoes keep the blade higher, so it removes just the right amount of snow, without removing the grass along with it. Without the accuracy and adjustability in blade height with my BOSS, I might have to abort my takeoff!


Kevin McClung-Davenport, Iowa (Genesis Systems)

I'd like to thank you for building a superior and reliable product. When first looking into buying a plow, I spoke with several different manufacturers. I was looking for quality, plow control, materials, design, service and support. I felt BOSS had the best to offer in every single category. I have now had my BOSS plow for five years, and I have never had any problems. Each November, I take my plow into an authorized BOSS dealer for a general checkup and to get the hydraulic oil changed, and I am ready for another long winter of efficient and problem-free plowing. I have absolutely no complaints about my BOSS, and if I had to describe it in one word, I'd have to say "AWESOME."
Kevin McClung Distribution & OEM/Integrator Sales Manager
Genesis Systems


Collin Corso-Newburyport, Massachusetts (Terra Lawns Landscaping)

Thank you for making a truly awesome product.
I just purchased yet another BOSS snowplow after being beyond satisfied with my first one. I was running yellow plows for years until I saw the SmartHitch 2, the SmartTouch control system and the HID headlight option all in action. At that point, I knew I was looking at a far superior snowplow, and I had to convert my entire fleet to THE BOSS. There is not a single thing that I do not like about THE BOSS. It continues to lead the way in engineering and innovation for the snow-removal industry. Running BOSS plows gives me and my customers peace of mind knowing that we are using the best equipment available today.