hosting domains


OF the many hosting domains that are out there is the same as which is the same as Fastdomain and hostmonster are owned names of blue host according to a reverse search at

IN efforts to find good hosting companies this is good information. Hostmonster never offered a dedicated server nor dedicated ip addresses before. When ordering or getting a dedicated ip address.

When getting an ip address you can do cool things i never heard of. I had in the past just typed some numbers at random in the url bar of ie or firefox and come to peoples site at random. If you type in 1138636838 in the address bar it comes to my website here. You dont need the http or www. Just try it put it in the bar and press enter. Its called IP Decimal. There is another thing similar to it called ip hexidecimal. If you type in 0x43de3826 it will also come to our website. This is very interesting. Somehow in the realm of internet this is made possible for faster searches and crawling of the web. Not sure feature is just a browser standard feature that knows how to pull it up and put it in. Just happens to be.

I would recommend the hosting packages for LWS are real reasonable. The servers seem to be a lot faster than normal shared hosting like I did a reverse ip address checker for my website on and found out that I have over 1000 neighbors. Thats 1000 different websites on the same server or hard disk.