Guide to leaf blower and yard clean up

Guide to Leaf Blower and Yard Clean up
There are many types of leaf blowers and leaf sweepers, There are gas blowers, electric blowers, Push Blowers, Hand held blowers, back pack blowers. Perhaps you want a leaf blower that quickly gives you the most air to push the leaves out of the grass. You would need a leaf blower that has a lot of CFM or the mass of air that moves leaves. With a lot of CFM like the Hurricane Blo Vac then you can move leaves quickly. Maybe your a residential person who doesnt do a lot of yard clean up and want something basic then a hand held leaf blower would work fine for you. Most professionals once they have found out that there is a new leaf blower will be making the switch. Time is money especially when tying to get the job done. If you are in the landscape business I would recommend checking out the link here to the Hurricane blowers.