UTV Accessories and UTV Snow Plow

UTV Accessories & UTV Snow Plows West Michigan
UTV Accessories & UTV Snow Plows are found in West Michigan at Monroe Truck & Auto. We have the snow plows for your polaris ranger, Yamaha, and we stock the UTV Headlight Kits part number MSC12246. The UTV headlight kit for straight and 6'6" UTV Power-V XT snow plows. Designed for tough counditions, the optional UTV headlight kit offers hardened clear glass lens housed in a reinforced fiberglass plastic for long -lasting durability. Kti includeds the power side and vehicle side wiring harness, headlight brackets and all the hardware necessary to outfit either style blade on any recommended UTV model. Again the part number is MSC12246 and is available at Monroe Truck & Auto Accessories in Muskegon Michigan. MSC12246 Retails for $245.99