Ford Vehicles on-board key programming test

We here at Monroe Truck & Auto Accessories consider us as experts. Sometimes understanding how things work is beyond us. There must be a secret manual for every car manufacturer that doesnt let thier secrets out.
We were on the phone with the remote start engineer from Directed Electronics Canada. No offense we do call the main on in california but they dont know all the stuff that the engineers know in canada who design the products for Viper, Valet, and Clifford and Python. Canada is the one's who design this stuff and work with vehicle manufactuers. We know that when a brand new vehicle is released they get one. They tear it appart and almost put it back together again. They test every single wire. They mark it and save that info for us all to use.
We couldnt do the said on-board key programming with the new 2013 edge. We did have 2 admin keys that could program a cut third key. It didnt work. They told us to see if on board programming was active and it was. The way to test it was to turn the 1st key on 2 times between off and on real fast. Take the key out and insert the second key and turn it on 6 times between on and off and the doors lock and unlock. That is all we know for now... not sure how they knew that but thats a secret.

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