why use redmax blowers muskegon

Why use redmax blowers muskegon
When looking for great things to buy RedMax should be a common household name when making your lawncare equipment purchases. RedMax has been desguised as Zenoah and Husquavarna. Great names in the lawn care industry. You want the best equipment out there when doing landscaping. You have to have the best stuff. You need it to get the job done right and get it done the first time. RedMax is a great product especailly when moving leaves and debris. The Leaf blowers they make are back pack and hand held. The hand held are gas and take mixed fuel. You can use it on your own driveway with ease. The Back back leaf blowers are not some chinsy material but are great for constant use! The commercial versions of these RedMax Backpack leaf blowers have a 2 year warranty and lifetime ignition coil warranty. Additional frame fed air intakes increase air volume (CFM) Swivel grip system which eliminates wear at pipe connections. Formed backpack provides ventalation and extra operator comfort especially during the hot summer months. Third generation heavy-duty muffler. Full wrap Free Flow air net system protects engine from over-heating. Blow molded durable frame is supported by threee heavy-duty rubber mounted vibration reduction systems which provides greater comfort. Large, upright easy view fuel tank provides long running time and allows the operator to quickly check the fuel level. With the Stratocharged engine you are helping the enviornment. The strato-charged engine which reduces impact on the environment through efficient engine design, increased fuel economyu and reduced emmissions.

Redmax's strato-charged 2-stroke engines operate at maximum efficiency with just three moving parts. By comparison, 4-stroke or 4-stroke hybrid engines contain as many as 30 moving parts. Redmax stratocharged engines are 20 to 25% lighter per same engine size as compared to 4-stroke engines or 4-stroke hybrids, resulting in much less operator fatige. Engines with a high power to weight ratio and a high-power output per enginecc size are classified as high-performance engines, and these are the only type of engines made by redmax. Models that have a Z on it are featured with the strato charged engines. Just like EBZ2460 would be a strato charged engine.

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